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Rolling in the Deep : Senior Portraits with Adele Look-Alike Jenna


As soon as we started photographing Jenna’s senior portraits, she reminded me of someone….. and then it hit me. ADELE !!!!! I told Jenna if there ever comes a day that they have an Adele look-alike contest, I’m signing her up! And while I was snapping away, I kept telling her…. ok, so now do the Adele face. And she’d laugh and then get into character for me. Jenna has been acting in her school plays, so she was really good at being expressive.

We had fun taking some of Jenna’s photos outside on a local farm. Special thanks to Pam and Bob for sharing their awesome property with us. It was perfect!

Jenna is such a beautiful girl inside and out and here are some of my favorites of her to prove it.

Adele look-alike, Jenna 🙂

Isn't this sooooo pretty !

Just gorgeous

Love this dandelion shot that Grant took.

I love these artistic shots that Grant takes.

This hip spot was so cool.

A little girl fun by the covered bridge.

Grant shot this awesome shot. I love the composition.

This was one of my favorites. I love this dramatic shot.

You're a doll Jenna 🙂

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