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Get “Subconscious” with actor Mike Beckingham’s Photo Session


Mike Beckingham is actor extraordinaire in his upcoming debut film, “Subconscious”, written and directed by Georgia Hilton, due out next Summer 2014. If you’re not familiar with Mike yet – you soon will be – as the acting gene is prevalent in his family. He is the younger brother of British film star Simon Pegg, who was “Scotty” in the most recent 2013 Star Trek film “Into Darkness”. In the film “Subconscious”, Mike coincidentally plays a character named, “Mike”. “Mike” is a wannabe paranormal investigator who has acquired all the bells and whistles in research equipment. On the surface he plays a good game of making everyone believe he knows what he’s doing but, maybe he doesn’t know as much as people think. Mike says his character is cheeky, cocky, a bit arrogant, possesses the gift of the gab, but is also good hearted, and will try anything for a good challenge. The film is about a locked-down World War II sub that is possibly haunted.

Mike’s manager, Lynn Metts, is a friend of mine and he asked if I would photograph him, so we all got together one day and figured out some looks, clothing, location options, and then I did some test shots. Mike is a genuine, warm, down-to-earth guy with a wicked sense of humor. So we immediately got along great!  We shot the first session of test shots on the pier by the Occoquan River.  I was set on doing some photos on a boat, and thankfully there was a boat owner there named, Jade… who let us get on his boat and take some shots. Special thanks to Jade for helping us out. I loved these initial shots because they had the feel of Nautica !

Mike has the essence and vibe of a young Daniel Craig which inspired me for many of the shots.  I can totally see him playing opposite Daniel Craig in a future Bond Movie!!! He’s got great chameleon ability, and is incredibly versatile, to where he could play virtually any character. Whatever we could think of Mike could easily get in the groove to give us the look we were after.

Pete, my love and partner shooter, suggested we photograph the following week’s session at the Kimpton, Monaco in Old Town Alexandria, VA. It was the perfect spot and locale. Everyone at the Kimpton was so nice to accommodate us with whatever we needed!  After that, Pete and I headed out to the street and got some cool biker shots on a motorcycle owned by Don, who happily obliged and let us use his custom Harley Davidson. Thanks so much Don! We ended up the shoot at Daniel O’Connell’s Bar which had the saloon-style feel that we were after for Western appeal shots. We also met some really nice new friends there and the bartender deserves a huge thank you as she was awesome! Lynn, Mike’s manager, also deserves a big thanks for orchestrating everything and bringing us the best bangin’ props ever!

Mike has many facets and he rocks them all….. from casual, Western, Bond, a little James Dean, and everything in between. So have a look at some of our favorite photos from the sessions below! If you want to see Mike’s official web page:

MikeBeckingham-18, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar

MikeBeckingham-9, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar

MikeBeckingham-8, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar

MikeBeckingham-25, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar


MikeBeckingham2013-704, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar

MikeBeckingham2013-709, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar

MikeBeckingham2013-711, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar

MikeBeckingham2013-1900, celebrity photographer Misti Morningstar














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