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Staci and Daniel : Engagement Photos Shepherdstown WV


Daniel, a graphic designer, and Staci, a freelance stage manager, grew up in Shepherdstown, WV and that’s where they decided to have their engagement session photographed. They are also getting married in Shepherdstown in the spring of 2013.

How they met

Daniel and Staci met their sophomore year of high school. Staci had actually noticed him during her freshman year and he became “that hot kid with the curly hair.” Some mutual friends introduced them at a birthday party, during a game of twister, awkwardly enough. It took a few weeks of hanging out and much pressure from Staci to go to a homecoming game together before they finally “became official.” In fact, Staci had actually gotten wind of his intention to be exclusive before he was even going to ask.

The Engagement

Staci said the engagement was hilarious. She was planning on visiting Daniel back in early 2011. But the visit was completely contingent upon whether or not the Steelers were going to be in the Super Bowl or not. They ended up winning the championship game so Staci was going to visit him earlier in the weekend so she could be in Pittsburgh for the game. She was planning on arriving at his place Friday evening. Daniel is notorious for sending text messages to the wrong person. On Wednesday before her visit she got a text from him asking about whether or not she was still available to help him get things and set-up for “Staci’s visit.” An awesome message – but to the wrong person because the message was meant for Daniel’s friend, Lauren. He tried to play it off (most unsuccessfully) but Staci’s suspicions were extremely high. She got to his place Friday night and parked in the local parking garage. When she called to let him know she was there she heard a girl’s voice in the background (strange to her because he lived with 2 other guys at the time). She asked if Lauren was over and he said no, and whatever she heard must have been on tv.  Now Staci had even more suspicions. He came to pick her up, in Lauren’s car, telling Staci that his car was boxed in and Lauren’s was down the street so he borrowed hers. They get to his house and Daniel says they can’t go in the front door (which he never bothered to explain). They go to the back door and once inside Staci sees there’s a sheet blocking the living room, and there’s a little candle lit dinner for two set-up in his kitchen, which was prepared by his culinary friend, Lauren. There were flowers and Daniel bought some wine (white for Staci and red for him). Staci said he managed to consume his entire bottle (so she was pretty certain of what was going to happen by now). They have dessert and Daniel’s friend, Lauren heads out. Shortly after dessert Daniel presents a few bags of candy and invites Staci into the living room where a projector was set up. They sat down to watch the movie which was “50 First Dates” (A movie they watched on their first Valentine’s Day together). They get part way into the movie and Daniel starts to tell Staci many special things and then he got on one knee. Staci said she kind of freaked out, even though she knew it was coming, and managed to exclaim “Oh sweet baby Jesus!” Obviously, she said yes!

A date they will always remember

The date they’ll always remember is one Valentine’s Day, Staci had gotten salmonella from some bad peanut butter, which put a damper on the plans Daniel had made. He told Staci to just come to his house anyway and that everything would be ok. Staci showed up and there she found a series of notes with flowers that led her into his living room where there was a table set-up for dinner and he promised her that he’d get her anything she felt she could eat. And what was important was that they were spending time together, even though she was sick.

They recall their very first date and looking back they think it was hilarious … Staci’s mom drove them (they were 15 at the time) to Taco Bell (Daniel had never had it before and it’s Staci’s favorite fast food). Then they watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was so awkward. They were afraid to sit too close or touch each other.

Staci and Daniel are a very vibrant and expressive couple! The camera loves them. I especially recall Staci’s laugh… Her laughter is quite infectious. She has one of those little snort laughs and then once she starts she can’t stop. I think Daniel makes her laugh on purpose so he can play back and laugh with her!

Their energy produced some fabulous shots. Here are my favorites from their session.

Feel free to let me know your favorites by commenting below.

Play love on the swings.

The engagement ring !!

Sealed with a swinging kiss.

Totally loved these bright orange Converse sneakers.

Giggly and 'in love' 🙂

Staci and Daniel are still planning their wedding so this shot was appropriate and fun!

Playing or Planning? This is one of my favorites of the day!

Love this colorful umbrella shot by Grant.

Daniel reminds me of a young Patrick Swayze.

Staci is so adorable and upbeat. If you're around her and you're in a bad mood, she will cheer you up by default.

This shot is happy and beautiful on this small footbridge.

"Twilight" comes to mind every time I look at this photo ! Love this one by Grant.

Catching some air!

Some monkey love.

Round and round they go...

And round and round they go.....

Oh yes, I was dizzy but I totally love these shots!

OMG! Staci and Daniel... You guys are hot!

Have Sharpie - will travel !!!! ❤

Congrats Staci and Daniel! Hugs xox

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