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Susan and Josh : Engagement Photos Frederick MD


Susan, an artist, and Josh, a computer programmer, met in college. When Susan’s laptop had issues, Josh came to the rescue and fixed it. After that, the two became friends and then Susan said she waited for him to ask her out. “It took awhile,” Susan said, but….. he eventually did ask her out and the rest is history! They are getting married this Fall.

These 2 are fun-loving and have a great look. We had a blast doing their photos, especially the cupcake shots! I even had to take a break to eat one…yummy. Special thanks to Angel Cakes for allowing us to do some photos at their business. If you’re looking for a wedding cake, you should check them out. And also special thanks to En Masse Flower Market for allowing us to use their facility for some shots. En Masse creates some of the most beautiful wedding flowers I’ve ever seen.

After the shoot we all came back to my office and hung out for a while longer and watched funny YouTube videos and listened to music. Susan and Josh’s photos were as cool as they are. To follow are some of my favorites.

Let me know which one’s are your favorites by leaving your comments below.

This location was just awesome.

A nice portrait of the two.

Ok, now this is one of my top favorites that Grant shot! It totally looks like a clothing catalog photo.

Yep, they've got swagger ! LOVE IT!

Susan and Josh enjoy taking walks together.

A little kick of the heels. Yippeeeee, they're in love.

And he's ready to carry her over the threshold.

I'm so into black and white photos. They're so classic and artistic.

Susan and Josh carved their initials into this fencepost. I think it's romantic.....And ok, so if anyone finds it - you can blame me!

Having fun eating cupcakes at Angel Cakes Bakery.

Even though you see the cakes in these photos. They didn't last long before they were gobbled up!

And what prompted us was their red door. One of Susan and Josh's main colors for their wedding is a deep red!

To highlight their geeky sides... Susan was a chemistry major and Josh an engineer...we took this fun photo.

Susan flirting a bit with Josh's tie.

I'm a huge fan of the serious "American Gothic" look.

Invariably the expression AFTER the serious shot ! hahaha

A romantic ring shot.

An another serious pose. Susan, you've got great hair!

A real man always gives his lady En Masse flowers.

Congrats Susan and Josh. Hugs xox

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