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Hope and Anthony : Ostertag Farm Wedding


Anthony, a CDL driver and Hope, an elementary teacher, first met in 2005 at their former employer, Fitzgerald Auto Mall, where they worked together. There they became friends and started hanging out and before they knew it they were spending endless hours on the phone. It wasn’t long before they became best friends, started dating, and they’ve been having a blast ever since.

Some of their most memorable times were their two first dates. On the first date they went to 75/80 race track and talked the entire time, Hope said, “I don’t think we even paid any attention to the cars racing. Then when we got back to my house, we talked in the car for hours about anything and everything. It was great to have such an amazing time just talking with each other.” The second date to remember- was the first time they went for a ride on Anthony’s motorcycle. Hope remembers that they were in Ocean City, MD and they rode down to the boardwalk, got pizza and then rode back and he dropped her off at her room. It was on the way back that they first held hands. 🙂

Five years later, Anthony decided to propose. It was the day before Hope had to go back to teaching, and after “wishing” for the proposal all summer, she didn’t think it was going to happen. It was just a regular Monday afternoon, Hope went to the gym and was on her way home. Her mom called her and asked if she wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to get wings, which they routinely did on Monday nights. Hope agreed and hurried home to get ready. When Hope walked into the house, Anthony was in the kitchen to greet her. He had a vase of purple flowers sitting on the counter, and Hope was very surprised and thanked him for such a thoughtful gift. Then he asked her to come look at something he finished in the bedroom (they were remodeling their home most of the summer). She followed him back and there on the bed were lots of roses. Hope asked him, “What are all these for? They’re so beautiful.” He responded, “There are 5 dozen, one dozen for every year we’ve been together.” Hope was still not thinking anything of it, just another thoughtful surprise. Then Anthony showed her a folded-up plastic banner. He said he found it in the garage and she wouldn’t believe what it was. Hope was thinking it had to be a motorcycle banner or race car banner if he found it in the garage. As she opened the banner, to her complete surprise, it said “Hope Keller, Will you Marry Me?” Out of her mouth came a noise that Anthony described as a “really happy squeal”. Hope turned around and Anthony was down on his knee with a GORGEOUS ring in his hand. Hope jumped up and down, jumped into his arms, and just kept saying “Yes, Yes, Oh my gosh! Yay! Yes!” Then she quickly texted and called her closest friends and family (even though most of them already knew). They finished getting ready and met her family and friends at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate!

I have to say that now after I have gotten to know Anthony and Hope, that it’s even more apparent that they are definitely soul mates. They are so in love and it shows in every way. I love being a witness to such true love. Anthony is so caring and attentive to Hope. He does all kinds of things for her “just because”.

Hope and Anthony are one of the warmest couples. Plus, they’re both gorgeous and naturally photogenic. You just feel at ease and comfortable around them because they are both so happy and comfortable together. Every time they come by to visit we could sit and talk for hours!

Every time I photograph I wedding, I tell myself that if it gets emotional – that this time I’m going to be able to control myself and not cry. Well… that went right out the window when I saw Anthony getting emotional during their ceremony… and then Hope got emotional too… so there I was leaking tears behind the camera right along with them.

Additional details of the wedding were:

Location: Ostertag Vistas  Myersville, MD
Guests: 124
Bridal Party: 5 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids, 3 flower girls, and 4 groomsmen
Colors: Black, White, and Hot Pink
Theme: Rustic elegance (incorporating their love of the country with Hope’s favorite colors)
Florist: A Bloom- Walkersville, MD (white lilies, white orchids for bride & pink cala lilies for bridesmaids & pink orchids for groomsmen)
Cake: Ed’s Country Bakery- Frederick, MD
Dress: David’s Bridal- Galina diamond white, strapless fitted a-line style wedding dress with floral appliques and a white sash.
Bridesmaid dresses: Black short, pleated, satin dress
Hair and Makeup: Thomas Scott Salon- Frederick, MD
Caterer: A Cut Above Catering- Frederick, MD
Music: Santana Entertainment
Favorite details: Each table had corresponding pictures of Anthony and Hope at the age matching the table’s number. The Wedding Tree (thumb print) guest book and the Horse and Carriage ride.
3 words to describe wedding: Unforgettable, “Dream come True”, Amazing!
Honeymoon: Riviera Maya, Mexico

Here are my personal favorites from their Ostertag Farm wedding. You can see their entire gallery on my website: under “real weddings”.

Let me know which photos are your favorites by leaving your comments below.

The groom and his groomsmen.

I love these girlie hot pink shoes!!!!!!

The flower girls admiring their painted fingernails.

Hope looks like a beautiful Barbie Doll.

The lovely lily bridal bouquet.

Center Stage

A few tears because of the rainy day. But it was ok, rain on your wedding day indicates 'good luck'.

Hope in the Horse and Carriage on her way to walk down the aisle.

The groom overcome with emotion seeing his bride walk down the aisle.

The beautiful bride with her father.

The bride and groom on their way to taking a romantic horse and carriage ride after the ceremony.

The wedding party cheers!

The flowers girls trying to catch up to the bridesmaids.

The gorgeous bridesmaids.

The couple after their magical carriage ride.

The new Mr. and Mrs. C

Hope and Anthony by the Spring House waterwheel.

I love this one and Hope's sassy little pose 🙂

Hope and Anthony feeling the love under the willow tree.

Anthony looks so Humphrey Bogart in this photo.

The first dance.

An emotional moment during the Mother/Son dance.

The dance floor was packed and everyone had a blast.

This is so cute how the flower girls are so into watching the cake cutting ceremony.

A surprise reaction from Hope when Anthony removes the garter.

Now we know why... Homer was up her skirt, plus a few other unexpected gags.

The next up for marriage nuptials.

Congrats Hope and Anthony! Hugs xox
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