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Boudoir Blvd Logo Wins Global


Boudoir Blvd, my sister Boudoir website, just made publishing history for its logo design in LOGOS 2, one of the first-ever “creative compilations” produced exclusively as an eBook. Morningstar Design Inc. is one of a small number of design firms from all over the world with work included in LOGOS 2. The logo was designed by Misti Morningstar, owner of Morningstar Design and Misti Morningstar Photography.

Winning logo design

When introduced the Kindle reader in late 2007, the move to eBooks began. In less than four years, Amazon was selling more eBooks than hard-cover and soft-cover books combined! Until recently, all eBooks were black and white, with type only.

But now, David E. Carter is producing full-color eBooks, loaded with hundreds of examples of outstanding creative work – exclusively as digital editions.

Carter, who created over 110 “creative compilations” on logos, graphic design and advertising as ink-on-paper books, is the top-selling producer of books in the history of graphic design, Now, he has released eight new graphic design eBooks through his company, Bright Books. The full-color eBooks can be viewed on an iPad, Kindle Fire, other tablet devices, or on any computer.

Carter founded Bright Books in March of 2010, a month before Apple’s iPad was released. “Once the Kindle came out, it was inevitable that eBooks would eventually have color,” Carter said, “and I wanted to be the first mover in eBooks for the graphic design world.”

He has realized that goal with his eight new books, which focus on logos, posters, and graphic design. He will produce 13 more eBooks for the creative world by the end of 2012. The new books are available for instant purchase and download through The site also offers free 20-page sample downloads of each book.

Misti Morningstar stated, “I’m really proud to be a part of this growing trend. There is a vast pool of creativity across the globe and we are so honored to be included in David’s work. His books are an inspiration to anyone interested in design.”

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