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Dawkins 1st Birthday Photos


Before this little one came into the world….I photographed the marriage of his wonderful parents, Michelle and Clay… then they got pregnant and I photographed their ‘belly photos’. (Dawkins in the oven!) When Dawkins was born, almost a year ago, I was there to take his newborn photos at the hospital. This little tyke has a special place in my heart so I was honored when Michelle asked me if I would take his 1st birthday photos!!!!!

The theme: Dr. Seuss “Cat in the Hat”.  Michelle purchased a cute little ‘Cat in the Hat’ outfit for Dawkins to wear. Michelle’s mom made a matching ‘Cat in the Hat’ cake, and Michelle’s step mom created this awesome ‘Cat in the Hat’ backdrop, which was perfect for the birthday cake shots!

He is so precious and these are some of the adorable shots I captured.

I'm too sexy for my shirt.

Now you see me, now you don't!

Oh no!

Try this on for size.

This was my personal favorite!!!!

Happy baby!

This cake is so good!

I think I'll have the sheet for dessert.

Nope, I didn't eat any cake.

Wow, check out the window.

This was totally my mom's idea. I know she is going to blackmail me with this when I get older.

Innocence reflected 🙂

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