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Rainier and Chris : Swan Harbor Farm


Do you know of anyone who would buy someone else a tank full of gas when they’re filling up at the petro station? Well that’s what Chris did when he first happened upon Rainier (whom I affectionately call “Rain”) when she happened to pull into the same gas station where he was filling up. He offered to buy her gas!  What a creative way to start a conversation and get to know a girl. And I think she thought he was cute enough to take him up on the offer. Obviously the gesture, and everything else about him, was quite impressive because Rainier decided to marry him. Their wedding took place at Swan Harbor Farm, a beautiful setting on the bay.

Rain is an awesome girl. She’s got an infectious laugh; she’s sassy, sweet, and everything in between and I can see why Chris loves her, because she stands up for what she wants and she doesn’t settle for less! Chris is a quiet, easy-going guy and a pleaser – he knows exactly how to take care of Rain. Hey, that’s a good thing, isn’t that right girls?

Every wedding has its uniqueness. One of the things I adored at this wedding was Rain’s bridemaids. They all wore matching t-shirts that said “TEAM BRIDE”. (loved it) And right before Rain was about to walk down the aisle…. (I’m going to get choked up just thinking about it) I was taking some portraits of her… when in walked the pastor’s wife into the bridal suite. She walked up to Rain and gave her an heirloom handkerchief, which was something Rain’s mother had saved for her from her Grandmother who had passed away. Her mother had instructed Rain to hold it in her hand as a remembrance when walking down the aisle. Rain was overcome with emotion, and the moment was unexpected, so she broke into tears. I’m also the sensitive type so there I was crying with her! Oh my! That happens to me a lot when I’m behind the camera. Someone will say something emotional or start crying and then there I am crying right along with them! I can’t help myself. I’m a total sap. Just pass me the Kleenix! Luckily for Rain she had 2 makeup artists there and they quickly freshened her up.

The wedding ceremony and tented reception took place outside on the lawn and everything faced the bay. The view was so lovely.

Rainier and Chris have that special ying and yang connection. They and their families are truly wonderful people and we got some great photos of their special day!

Here’s a few of our favorites. You can see the rest on my website, under “real weddings”.

Rainier getting ready

Loved this "TEAM BRIDE"

These Hollywood shoes were hot !!

Daniel Craig look out. Chris may be the next James Bond!

On the way to the waterfront for some photos

Doesn't this photo just make you feel happy!!!!!!!

Romance by the bay ❤

Rainier's infectious smile 🙂

Oh yea, you go !! woo hoo !!

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