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Photographer Helps Weddings Cancelled by Hurricane Irene


We shot a wedding inland yesterday during the hurricane. During the drive there we thought how awful it must be for all the many couples that may be in need of assistance during this time (of having to cancel all their wedding plans). So we decided to extend ourselves and offer our services at a discounted price for any couples having to reschedule and re-plan their wedding day.

It can be costly to reserve a venue, photographer, travel for guests, and all the other associated fees. When something like a hurricane rolls up the coast and ruins all your plans – what does one do? Some venues and photographers are booked a year in advance and it would be a bit difficult to then just reschedule everything to the following weekend. Oftentimes deposit monies are lost, which then causes the wedding budget to cost more than they had originally planned for.

If you or someone you know is in this situation, let them know we are available to help. We have a wide network of partners and are here to help couples re-plan their day.

Contact me via email or cell and let me know your situation and we will work with you to help out however we can.

Blessings to all those affected by the storm.

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