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Misti’s ‘models’ strike hot poses – The Frederick News-Post Online


Click this link to read the article by Pam Rigaux.

Misti’s ‘models’ strike hot poses – The Frederick News-Post Online.

A Slice of Life : The Frederick News Post : Pam Rigaux

A week ago a Frederick News-Post reporter named Pam Rigaux, walked into my studio during First Saturday. She was writing stories about the December First Saturday event. We started talking about what I did and I mentioned that I did Wedding and Boudoir Photography. She asked me what Boudoir Photography was, so I told her it was soft and sensual photography of women. She said “Really?” I said, “Yes, many women today want to document themselves in a classy and flattering way and then give the gift to their significant other. Plus, there are also women who just want to do it for themselves because it’s liberating.” Pam said she would call back and set-up a time to talk further because this was something she was interested in knowing more about.

A few days later Pam was coming back to my office for an interview. I must admit I was a little nervous. I woke up several times during the night before wondering what I was going tell her and anticipating what she might ask me. Plus, she was bringing a photographer to take my photo so I had to make sure I was going to have a good hair day ! 🙂

Pam arrived and we sat in my office and chatted. My nervousness quickly vanished. She was so easy going and it became very easy for me to talk to her. And she was very thorough. No wonder. Pam’s been writing for the Frederick News Post for 11 years and she’s a pro! We sat and talked about what I did, and then we talked a bit about her and her husband. I found out Pam is skilled in equestrian riding and gives horseback riding lessons. Now, that’s totally cool!!!!

By the time we were finished I was kind of hoping she would stay longer because I was having such a good time talking with her. I felt like I had known her for years and we were catching up on old times together. But she had other assignments to do and was off to complete them. As she was leaving, the photographer, Graham, arrived and he took a bunch of photos. He was young and hip and I was relieved that he didn’t take just one photo and then leave. He took his time and got a variety of photos. I didn’t see them but I was hoping there was at least one good one in there.

Today the article came out in the paper and on my way to work I stopped and got one. (click link below to read the article). I flipped through to find it and then there it was….. All I can say is, “WOW!” I read through it and it was such a good article, plus my hair even looked pretty good! I have already gotten numerous inquires by email. Needles to say I am thrilled.

Thanks so much Pam Rigaux!!! You are creative, talented, and so easy to like.
I wish anyone the opportunity to be interviewed by you because it was such a pleasure.

Read Pam’s Frederick News-Post article here:

Misti’s ‘models’ strike hot poses – The Frederick News-Post Online.

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