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Maureen and Blaine – The Grotto and The Wyndham-Gettysburg


One of the things I immediately noticed when I met Maureen was her eyes. She has the biggest, most beautiful Cerulean blue eyes I’ve ever seen! And Maureen was super organized. She brought me sample bridal photos that she liked, and she had the perfect time line for her wedding which enabled us to get TONS of awesome photos of her and her fiance’, Blaine. Maureen would make an ideal wedding planner!

Maureen and Blaine met in High School through mutual friends. They dated and then ended up parting ways when they both went off to college. Then they got back together their senior year of college and have been together ever since. I can see why… Blaine is such a nice guy! Plus, he kind of looks a bit like Michael Keaton 🙂

The proposal happened in December of 2009. Maureen was living in Virginia at the time and was traveling back home for the Christmas holiday.  Blaine had invited Maureen for dinner and asked her to meet him at his house.  But when she showed up Blaine was nowhere in sight.  Maureen walked in toward the kitchen and noticed there was a chair blocking her from going any further.  On the chair was a box, a note, and a present.  The note said to look through the box. Inside Blaine had placed several keepsakes that he had accumulated throughout their entire relationship (since high school). The note then said to open the present.  Maureen opened the present and it was a picture of her and Blaine, at her parents’ house, that was taken before her senior prom and at the bottom, it said “will you marry me?”.  She turned the corner into the room and there was Blaine down on one knee.

The date Maureen will always remember is their first date.  They went to the movies with mutual friends.  At that time Maureen was getting over a bad breakup and totally not interested in going with Blaine.  It was September 18, 1999…She still has the movie stub. It was “For the Love of the Game”.

Maureen and Blaine had a large wedding party and 215 guests. And boy were they fun! We got great pictures of everyone, and then more great pictures of guests getting their grove on – on the dance floor.

Maureen and Blaine said they always wanted a fall’s when they met and it’s their favorite season.  And they had the perfect day. I love outdoor weddings. The lighting with trees, greenery or other interesting architectural elements produce stunning pictures. Maureen’s colors were taupe and light pink which was very classic, ultra vintage, and looked romantic against the settings.

I thought it was so cool that Maureen wore her Mother’s veil. It was simple, elegant and edged in fine pearls. She said that was her favorite detail.

One of the other unique things about their wedding is that it was centered around their pets.  They dressed up their dogs in bride and groom costumes and then took a photo of them for the save the dates. Their reception tables were named after family and friends’ pets which included each pet’s photo.  The bride and groom decided to make a donation to ASPCA in lieu of party favors.

Their honeymoon was in Punta Cana, The Dominican Republic. WOO HOO. Congrats Maureen and Blaine!!!

Here are some of our favorite photos. You can see their entire gallery on the website under “galleries”.

wedding photography frederick md

photo by misti

wedding photography frederick md

Blaine before the ceremony

wedding photography frederick md

the officiant was awesome!

wedding photography frederick md

I love the emotion in this photo

wedding photography frederick md

wedding photography frederick md

photo by misti

wedding photography frederick md

photo by misti

wedding photography frederick md

catching a tear during the toast

wedding photography frederick md

photo by misti

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  1. 11/16/2010 12:43 pm

    Very nice!
    Funny thing to accidentally run across a familiar face from the past . Glad to see your doing well Misti.

    Skip Gue

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