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Brides Regret Not Spending More on Photos


According to this recent survey 22% of brides felt they did not spend enough money on their wedding photography!!!!!!!

Online printer/image host/publisher Shutterfly released their most recent bride survey results and here they are …

Should’ve spent less on the dress; more on the memories. Of survey respondents married within 12 months prior to the survey, 28 percent felt they didn’t spend enough money on the honeymoon; 22 percent felt the same about the photographer. 19 percent of the same sample reported spending too much on the bridal gown and food.

Well there you have it right there in black and white. Good photography is worth paying for but 22% of Brides don’t realize it until after the wedding is over. So when you’re shopping for photography don’t SKIMP! This is the most important day of your life and you will want those memories documented forever. In the future you will want to sit down and share your photos with your children and eventually your grandchildren. Think about it… after all the food is eaten, and the dress is trashed or packed away, all you really have left are your photos to cherish forever.

Hugs, Misti

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