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My name is Earl… with Mikie and Patrick


Have you heard of the TV show, “My name is Earl”…? It’s a hilarious sit-com about a guy named Earl who tries to make good on all his past wrong-doings that he has committed to the people In his life. (hold that thought)

As we monitored the weather for Mikie and Patrick’s wedding, hurricane Earl was headed right toward us to be his usual dastardly self. Visions went through my head of this bride and groom having to battle storm winds, heavy rain, and guests not showing because of the weather. Then I thought to myself, no matter what we were going to make the best of it. Our creativity would rise to the occasion and we’d get some memorable photos.

I don’t know if Mikie and Patrick were ever worried about Earl. they never mentioned it. These two are extremely friendly, full of great positive energy, and very easy-going. It seemed to me that no matter what act of God entered their path – these two could handle it and handle it well.

I ‘m always curious how the couples I’m about to photograph meet. When I asked, Patrick grinned and said that he really wasn’t in the market for meeting anyone but his father told him there was someone he wanted him to meet. Patrick’s father is a veterinarian and he had met Mikie because she was studying to also become a veterinarian. So the introduction was made and Patrick was smitten for life! Now I know why… Mikie is beautiful inside and out and she’s the perfect complement to Patrick.

I suddenly realized more about Earl ‘s persona. He could have done us in… but he didn’t! Instead of having to come back and make things right -he decided to do the right thing from the get go and he skirted the area altogether, leaving us with perfect weather. Yay!!

When I walked into Mikie’s room at the Gettysburg Hotel and saw her, the first thing that came to my mind was that she was every bit the image of a lovely southern belle bride. Simple and elegant. Meanwhile Patrick was stoked in his room and clowning around with his groomsmen! Silly guys!

These two couldn’t wait to get married and while I photographed different journalistic moments, the videographer slipped in Mikie’s room to tape a personal message segment for Patrick. I thought this was great and I focused my camera on capturing her response. Until that day I thought I was fairly good at controlling my emotions. Mikie sat on the couch and looked right into the video and told the videographer how grateful she was to be marrying Patrick and how he had enriched her life and how much she loved him…. and gosh I forget the rest. Oh my gracious…. tears were streaming down my face! And then again at their reception, when Mikie gave a special toast to her husband – I was again reduced to tears! Happy tears for sure. I’m happy to see two people who are so in love and who can so easily express it. They surprised everyone at the reception with a role reversal on the garter removal and they choreographed a knock-out dance routine at the end of their first dance. I loved their creativity.

They topped off their ceremony with a ride in horse drawn carriage too… how romantic!

Thanks for everything “Earl”! The day was perfect!!

Here’s a few of our favorites!

the limo ride to the ceremony with dad

photo by misti *note: if you look carefully 3 attendees are taking a photo and all have the same photo on their screen!

photo by misti

a moment with the officiant

busta moves

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